Virtual Reality is where I get to bring together my wide-ranging experience in film, music and digital/interaction design. 

I’m currently a Fellow at the Virtual Reality Lab run out of NYU’s Media and Games Network (MAGNET), where I work alongside other practitioners who share my excitement about the enormous possibilities of this new medium.  We explore numerous aspects of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, from game engine development and motion capture to video stitching and spatial audio.  

I’m also teaching a series of master classes in Virtual Reality for the New York Film Academy, focusing on Cinematic Virtual Reality. I work with students from the initial concepting and storyboarding of their projects, through to production workshops, and then to completed VR experiences.

Now Then  |  Director, Writer, Sound Designer, Composer

Now Then is a Cinematic VR experience conceived and developed in collaboration with Academy Award winning producer Ryan Silbert, along with Unity Developer Frank O'Connor and 360 Video Editor Mike Sullivan. 

Partly inspired by the classic French short film The Red Balloon, Now Then guides participants through an experiential narrative about seeing the world through a child's eyes.

Now Then made its debut at the Timewave VR Jubilee Festival, sponsored by Time Inc. and Oculus, and has been selected to take part in the upcoming Kaleidoscope VR Showcase in New York.

Now Then was developed as an interactive VR experience for the Samsung Gear VR platform, but can also be seen below as a linear 360 video.

Now Then – Linear 360 Video

VR Storyboard  |  Experience Designer, Author

When I first started ideating on projects to develop in the lab, I wanted to use a storyboard as a concepting tool to help me sketch out the possible experiences, but I couldn't find any VR storyboard templates that worked for me. So I developed one of my own.

  • Here’s an article I wrote about the process, which was published it in the journal Cinematic VR.
  • You can grab the storyboard below, or download the template as a PDF (with some additional annotations) here.
Cinematic VR Storyboard

Cinematic VR Storyboard

StoryCode Presentation  |  Author, Speaker

I collaborated with fellow VR practitioners Iris Media Works and Tumble+Yaw  on a VR documentary about the renowned Bushwick performance space, The House of Yes

Our project was the winner of the 2016 NYVR Pitchfest, sponsored by StoryCodeKitSplit and the Made in NY Media Center. 

My collaborators and I were invited to give a presentation at StoryCode. My portion focused on the challenges of developing an Experience Design language for VR when that language is still being invented. 

StoryCode Presentation – Part 1, Experience Design for VR