Music is my first love. In my native Australia, I worked as a professional musician, playing guitar and keyboards with cult favorites The Riptides. I also studied film at college, and began directing music videos for my own compositions as well as for other artists.

When I relocated to New York, I initially worked in the indie film world, both in production and post-production. And as I started exploring the possibilities of the web in the mid-90s, my very first project was a mashup of old home movies, digitized and manipulated to form the basis of an interactive narrative. 

Throughout my digital career I’ve continued my involvement in film and music. The three projects below were all directed by me, and I also did all of the sound design and the music composition. 

Montauk Boys  |  Director, Editor, Composer

For Montauk Boys, an episodic digital series I'm developing, I directed the teaser below, as well as doing all the post-production and composing the theme song. 

Riffing off the popular urban legend of the Montauk ProjectMontauk Boys tells a story of love, family and friendship complicated by a time-travel experiment gone awry.

Montauk Boys – Teaser

Elevator Moods  |  Director, Writer, Experience Designer, Editor, Composer

I created Elevator Moods in collaboration with Andrew Nahem and Ethan Spigland. As well as co-directing and co-writing, I did all the post-production, including the sound design, and also composed the theme music for the first series. I also designed the UI for the custom video player, which featured a descending elevator as the timeline scrubber.

Elevator Moods was an Official Selection at Sundance, a finalist (Experimental) at SxSW Interactive, won a Webby (Best Broadband Site), and was ultimately acquired by A&E TV, who commissioned a second series. 

You can watch some excerpts from Elevator Moods below, or see the whole series at (Flash required).

Elevator Moods – Excerpts

The Jetty  |  Director, Writer, Editor, Composer

I directed and co-wrote The Jetty, using footage I shot during two separate visits to Robert Smithson’s famous land art piece, Spiral Jetty in Utah's Great Salt Lake. The film started out as a documentary but was re-imagined into a fantastical–and highly fictional–road movie. 

The Jetty tells the story of a young girl living in an oppressive underground settlement formed around a charismatic leader called The Chairman. When The Chairman mysteriously disappears, the girl takes advantage of the ensuing chaos by sneaking above ground to try and find the elusive jetty.

The Jetty premiered at the Darklight Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland. My first visit to Spiral Jetty with the writer Nico Israel was also featured in his piece for ArtForum (registration required to view article).

The Jetty – Short Film